Beck Botanical Services

Kathryn (Katy) Beck, Botanist/Owner
1708 McKenzie Ave.
Bellingham, WA 98225-7214

Grant Lupine plants.jpgKathryn Beck of Beck Botanical Services has over 25 years experience as a botanist and field biologist in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, Nevada and California.  She specializes in designing and implementing RTE/Rare plant surveys and has particular expertise in identification and taxonomy of rare plants that occur east of the Cascade Mountains.  Ms. Beck has designed and participated in a diversity of vegetation analysis and natural resource planning projects, and provides botanical consulting and expertise in the following fields:  RTE plant surveys, vegetation community mapping, noxious weed surveys, and natural resources planning. 

Ms. Beck has conducted RTE plant surveys for many FERC dam relicensing projects, wind energy projects, solar energy projects, transmission line projects, and pipeline projects.  She has prepared RTE botanical assessments and resource reports for many of these projects.  Ms. Beck has conducted surveys for a number of federally Threatened plant species including Ute ladies’-tresses (Spiranthes diluvialis) and western lily (Lilium occidentale).  In addition, she has done work for a variety of federal and state agencies, and private companies. 

Ms. Beck was involved in locating describing and publishing three plant taxa new to science.  She has also published several articles in scientific journals.  Beck Botanical Services, of which Ms. Beck is the sole proprietor, is a small, independent, woman-owned business.

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